Who We Work with & What We Do  

Organizations We Work With



For your place of work, school, or faith, we’ll pickup your streams of material & help you set up a sustainability program.



We provide a door-to-door trash, recycling, compost pickup program that can get rid of dumpsters & enable a zero waste tenant lifestyle.



Drop off an unlimited amount of yard & food waste at our downtown yard for $8.99/month and we’ll compost it for ya.  



From composting in lunch rooms to going zero waste, we collaborate with schools to introduce sustainable waste practices.



Materials We Transport



At the very least, we'll pick up the trash in a dumpster, roll-off, or compactor and deliver to the landfill (but we're secretly hoping our relationship will lead to what's below). 


Dual-Stream Recycling

We got bad news, then good news. Ready? … Not all recycling programs are the same, and if you’re a commercial organization that’s still doing single-stream, then there’s a good chance large chunks of your stuff goes to the landfill (sorry!). In contrast, we offer the most robust recycling program available in Omaha, which begins with our Recycle Right training, a separate pickup for cardboard, and us taking your materials to ethical material recovery facilities.


Soft Plastics aka Hefty EnergyBag

Things like chip bags, styrofoam, and plastic utensils — which we call soft plastics — are NOT recyclable through conventional means. Do the world a favor & stay away from this nasty stuff. But if you can’t, we offer the Hefty EnergyBag solution that (according to First Star) turns these materials into diesel fuel via pyrolysis. There's more to it, but we'll keep it short and cute for now. 


Glass Recycling

“Why will no one pick up my glass and recycle it?” is what we heard repeatedly in 2018. So like some zero waste wizards, we figured out a way to do it. Instead of sending all of that dense and heavy material to the landfill or asking the intern to load it up in the back of their car, just let the pro’s handle it.



Compostable materials in a landfill put off methane gas (which is 80x worse than CO2), create toxic sludge (which can get into water ways), and shortens a landfills lifespan. Luckily for you, we operate the Omaha area's only commercial composting farm (take a peek), where we take food waste, wet paper/cardboard (somebody say pizza boxes?), yard waste (finally!), manure (ask us about the zoo poo), and all of this fancy compostable serviceware, and turn it into nutrient-dense soil that winds up in gardens and farms across our community. It’s the OG of recycling, and it’s now back in fashion.

Consultation & Education

It’s tough to get folks to even get traditional recycling right, let alone add on more streams. That’s why an added value of working with us is that we provide consultation on how to implement new waste diversion practices in-house, as well as provide education resources to help on-board staff, such as the resource page we put together for the multi-tenant Aksarben Village program.