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We'll pick up your trash from a tote or dumpster and take it to the landfill (but secretly we’re hoping our relationship will lead to more).

Some of our competitors decided to invest in landfills (and profit by sending your waste there, while we pay to drop it off). Instead, we decided to invest in a compost farm. Kind of changes ones priorities.

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Servicing homes outside of Omaha from Ponca Hills to Gretna to Springfield through our parent company, Gretna Sanitation.

Servicing businesses, schools & churches in the Omaha area from Ashland to Council Bluffs.


Recycling  Icon-1042x1042.png

Recycling is no doubt in a funk, but it’s still functioning — if you do it the right way.

We’ve tossed out the old & busted ways to meet the requirements of the post 2018 China ban era. Through educating & consulting, our process overhauls your organization’s recycling culture. Hence the people who work with us tend to be the one’s who are the most serious about recycling.

Read our blog about changes to commercial recycling & our approach.

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Servicing totes & dumpsters from Ashland through Omaha to Council Bluffs.

For homes (and small businesses), we’ve partnered with the area’s top recycling center, First Star, to provide a 96-gallon tote program called Curbside Rewards.

Soft Plastic Recycling

Things like chip bags, styrofoam & plastic utensils are not recyclable unless you put them in a Hefty EnergyBag.

Our take: it’s great to have this resource, but none of us want to give the plastic’s industry the excuse to keep making these crummy plastics in the first place, so avoid when possible.

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Actually if you already have our mixed recycling service (or you’re an Omaha resident with the green bin), you can just put those orange bags directly into your container.

Glass Recycling


“Why will no one pick up my glass and recycle it?” is what we heard repeatedly in 2018. So like some zero waste wizards, we’re now the only hauler in town that will transport it for you.

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While we don’t have curbside pickup, Compost Club members can drop it off at our downtown yard. Otherwise, Omaha has free drop-off centers.

Providing businesses & organizations in the Omaha area with a 64-gallon tote service.


Contrary to most people’s imaginations, food waste in a landfill doesn’t safely break down into dirt. It puts off noxious methane for the next few decades, creates a toxic sludge that threatens our water, and shortens the lifespan of our landfills.

Luck for you, we operate the Omaha area's only commercial composting farm. Unlike composting at home, we can take anything that came from nature (like all/any food, paper towels, manure, bio-plastics, etc.) and turn it into nutrient-dense soil that goes in gardens and farms across our community. It’s the OG of recycling, and it’s back in fashion.

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Residents can join Compost Club and self-haul food waste & other compostables at drop-off sites. Plus you get soil back!

Offering organizations a 64-gallon tote pickup program.

We compost the food waste of 20+ schools and nearly 10k students. Check out info on the program!


Zero Waste Events

From diverting 3.25 tons of material from the landfill at Maha Festival to composting food waste at a luncheon, our infrastructure and assistance helps event organizers meet their sustainability efforts.


Valet Service with Apartments

We do this by offering a door-to-door pickup program that includes the collection of landfill, recycling, EnergyBag, and compostable materials. Tenants no longer have to leave their home to interact with yucky salmonella-encrusted dumpsters, property managers no longer have to deal with Larry illegally dumping his ex-girlfriend's couch, and everyone wins because we're treating our waste responsibly.


Education & Consultation


Even traditional recycling is tough to understand. That’s why we’re the only hauling service in the area that provides group trainings & presentations along with consultation on how to set up your program.

Soil & Mulch

Since we process compostables and tree waste through our sister-company Soil Dynamics, you can purchase our soil and mulch.

Bulk orders by appointment are available from the composting farm in Ashland, or for your convenience, we have a retail yard in downtown Omaha for large or small orders.