Compost Club

Unlimited yard waste and food waste drop-off for $8.99/month. And now accepting glass at our downtown Hillside/Soil Dynamics Yard!

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How It Works / Sign Up / Frequently Asked Questions

Yep, this some revolutionary stuff right here.

how it works:

  • Price: Household = $8.99/month, students = $2.99, businesses = $15.99. Cancel anytime.

  • What’s Compostable: Food, yard and pet waste, food-related paper, compostable take-out containers, and more! If nature made it, we’ll compost it.

  • Glass Recycling: For those coming to our downtown Omaha location, we now accept glass!

  • Get Soil Back: Every 6 months get a cubic foot of soil you helped create!

  • Process: Transport materials to a drop-off site & place items inside green tote.

  • Drop-off Times: Anytime! All locations accessible 24/7.

  • Locations: Below is a list of neighborhoods with a site (many more to come!). Once you become a member, you’ll get access to a members-only map with instructions.

    • Ashland, NE / Millard / 90th & Center / 90th & Blondo / Country Club / Dundee / Gifford Park / Radial Hills / North Central Omaha / Little Bohemia / South Omaha / Downtown Omaha

  • Wanna host a drop-off point? Need to be able to handle up to 3 64-gallon totes in a 24/7 accessible space.

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Compost Club FAQ’s

Here’s the quick-start guide for folks who use our Compost Club.

What’s Compostable?

When you compost at home, you can only really compost fruit, vegetables, and yard waste. But when you drop off to a commercial composter like us, you can compost just about anything that’s been alive once.

To help, download this guide and stick it on your compost can.

How do you store at home & transport?

Container: You can start today by using any old trash can or container around your home, purchase a 5-gallon paint bucket, or go fancy and get something with a filter like this.

Bags: We don’t require you to use anything, so feel free to save yourself some money and simply rinse your bucket out after you drop off. Slightly more cost effective: you can house it within plastic bags — we just don’t want the bags in our totes. And if you wanna go all out, you can purchase compostable bags like this, (must be certified compostable, or just plain ol’ paper).

Where & how do i drop off the materials?

When you arrive, look for the green totes. Use the combo code provided in the members-only map below & follow any other instructions. Place your items directly into the totes and please close the lid to deter bugs and animals.

What about Yard Waste?

Since the majority of our drop-off locations don’t have the capacity to store multiple bags of yard waste, we ask that when composting large amounts (think more than a 30-gallon bag), we ask that you specifically bring it to either the Soil Dynamics Ashland farm, or the downtown Omaha Hillside/Soil Dynamics yard. These sites can take an unlimited amount!

How Do I get the Soil?

After every 6-month anniversary of your membership, you get a free cubic-foot bag of soil that you helped to create! We’ll email you a voucher.

If you’re claiming your complimentary bag of soil, you’ll want to head to the Hillside Solutions / Soil Dynamics Downtown Yard Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm + Saturday 8am-Noon located at 1725 Avenue G, Omaha, NE 68110.