This is how you recycle electronics

Good news! The Lincoln based company American Recycling just received there R2 certification, which is the leading global certification standard for the electronics reuse and recycling industry. The requirements in the R2 Standard are designed to protect people, protect the environment, protect data, and preserve resources.

This is achieved through rigorous annual 3rd-party audits of R2 certified facilities, and through transparency and accountability throughout the entire reuse/recycling chain of used electronic products. 

We spoke to Chad Gorgen at American Recycling, and here's what he had to say: "We have trucks and routes that go through the immediate surrounding states weekly and throughout the Midwest on a monthly basis. If your customer has a need for e-waste recycling, we will simply add their location to the next available route in the area. If your customer is in Nebraska, we can have it picked up within 2 business days."

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Brent Crampton