Why Plastic Straws Suck

We put together this explainer video shortly after Starbucks announced it was ditching plastic straws.

This video explores why plastic straws are so bad, but also covers an important point you won’t find in 90% of articles in the media, and that is: if you switch over to paper straws instead but aren’t composting them, then you’re not doing the earth much of a favor.

The reason?

Those paper straws are either ending up in the recycling stream (which is a mistake that slows down recycling centers who just ditch them into the landfill), or they’re going directly to the landfill where they’re putting off methane gas.

The solution? Here’s a handful:

  1. Don’t use a straw to begin with (if you can).

  2. Use a reusable straw, like a metal one you can purchase online.

  3. If using paper straws, always try to dispose of them with a commercial composter (like us).

  4. If the place your at doesn’t compost, put them in touch with us!

But for restaurant/bar folks: always have a few plastic straws on hand for folks in the disability community.

Brent Crampton