Aksarben Village’s Zero Waste Program

For tenants and employees of businesses within Aksarben Village, here’s info on your Zero Waste program! We recommend having all staff watch the below video, and incorporating this video into future staff training.

Want to scroll along through the slide show? Click here.

Quick Start Guide

We’re going to give you a quick DIY suggestion, and then follow up with further suggestions if you want to incorporate best practices …

1. Choose six containers inside your business to collect materials for each stream.

Best Practice: Use black containers for landfill, blue for recycling, green for composting. Purchase new from Larsen Supply Co. Ask for Jeff Hall, 712.322.0283, jeff@larsensupplyco.com.

2. Print these signs and place on/above containers.

Best Practice: Use above signs back-of-house, but purchase front-of-house signage from Recycle Across America (pictured below), who’ve designed the national standard. Links to corresponding streams below. Here’s an example of what it could look like …


3. In your outdoor dumpster area, place separated streams in color-marked bins.

Best Practice: Reference large poster in each dumpster area, or “when in doubt, throw it out” in landfill. Fold cardboard. Contaminating recycling streams or placing trash on ground may result in a fine for your business. Here’s what the waste coral reference looks like, which is also in your packet.

Now Let’s Go Deeper!

  • Want free staff training?

    Schedule a time with your staff and we’ll come in and walk you through the program.

  • Want a free compost bucket?

    Noddle will provide a complimentary 5-gallon bucket & compostable bags. Contact Vance Rookwood vrookwood@noddlecompanies.com.

  • Need in-house signage?

    Free Option: Print from our guide

    National Standard: Best for customer-facing, order vinyl stickers from Recycle Across America. Here’s direct links to stickers that pertain to your specific program …

  • Want to know which liners you can use?

    While you can store materials in any liner you want in-house, outdoor containers have restrictions. For streams marked “none,” you can unload materials from plastic bags into them, and then just landfill empty plastic bag.

    • Cardboard: None, just dry & folded cardboard.

    • Mixed Recycling: No plastic bags, except orange EnergyBag’s.

    • Glass: None, just empty glass bottles & jars.

    • Compost: Compostable bags, paper bags, or none.

    • Landfill: Plastic bags, tied shut.

  • Need EnergyBag’s?

  • Need in-house containers or compostable service-ware?

    We recommend contacting locally-owned Larsen Supply Co. They work with us to stock most of what our customers need. Contact Jeff Hall, 712.322.0283 or jeff@larsensupplyco.com

  • Need a more thorough list on what can go into your mixed stream?

    The city has a resource website for all things pertaining to residential landfill & recycling. They also have this really incredible list for specific items that are recyclable in your mixed stream.

  • Want more info on why single-stream recycling changed for businesses?

    We made a fun little video going through all if it. Watch here.

  • Have food you can donate?

    There’s a free service called Saving Grace that will pickup edible food and deliver it the same day to shelters around the country. And thanks to a law, you can’t be sued for any sickness related to food you donate.

  • Options for hard-to-recycle items?

    Keep Omaha Beautiful has the best guide for all the et cetera/random items.

More questions or need help?

Email us at hello@hillside.solutions