Instead of your waste going to the landfill (boo!), we help your organization figure out better things to do with it (like compost and recycle), provide the hauling services to get your waste to where it needs to go, and the training on how to make the culture change. 

Types of Organizations We Work With



For your place of work, school, or faith — we can help you start a recycling and compost program, improve the one you already have, or help you go zero waste. 



We provide a door-to-door trash, recycling, compost pickup program. This enables a zero waste tenant lifestyle while putting an end to illegal dumping.



If you live in single-family housing, we can help you set up a compost drop-off site for your neighborhood. 



It all starts by inspiring the youth! From composting in the lunch room to going zero waste, we collaborate with schools to introduce sustainability practices.


Streams of Waste We Pick Up



At the very least, we'll pick up the trash in a dumpster, roll-off, or compactor and deliver to the landfill (but we're secretly hoping our relationship will lead to what's below). 


Dual-Stream Recycling

Here’s a dirty little industry secret: large amounts of recycled materials actually end up in the landfill. The reason why is that most people recycle the wrong way, many haulers don’t correct it, and some recycling sorting centers accept materials they aren’t setup to recycle. To cut through all this non-sense, we vet our recycling partners, we teach you to recycle the right way, and we transition you into dual-stream recycling.  


Soft Plastics aka Hefty EnergyBag

Imagine a world where manufacturers aren't allowed to use non-recyclable plastics. Yay! But the reality is they do, which makes it impossible to stay away from these non-recyclable "soft" plastics. We help our partners move away from these junkie plastics into recyclable and compostable materials, but where this isn't possible, we offer the Hefty EnergyBag alternative that (according to First Star) turns these materials into diesel fuel via pyrolysis. There's more to it, but we'll keep it short and cute for now. 


Glass Recycling

The business community asked for it, so we figured out a way to do it! Instead of sending all of that dense and heavy material to the landfill, we'll pick it up and process it your glass bottles and jars.



Composting is nature's version of recycling, and it's a freakin' miracle! Here's why you should do it: over half of what's in our landfill is compostable. Your compostable materials in the landfill put off methane gas (which is 80x worse than CO2), create a toxic sludge called leachate (which can get into water ways), and takes up precious space in our landfill.

But good news! We operate the Omaha area's only commercial composting farm (take a peek) & we’ll pick up your materials. Commercially compostable items include all food waste, wet paper/cardboard (somebody say pizza boxes?), yard waste (finally!), manure (ask us about our zoo poo), and all of this fancy compostable serviceware. From there, we create nutrient-dense soil that winds up in gardens and farms across our community. Amen!