If you’re a customer of ours, you hopefully know that we take pride in making the extra effort to make sure your materials have the best chance of being recycled. That’s why we take your materials to First Star Recycling, which is the only facility in the area that’s appropriately equipped to sort and process recycling materials.

When we take your mixed materials there, they charge us to drop it off. That price jumped up by 366%.

The change occurred because it’s become increasingly difficult for First Star, and all recycling centers around the country, to sell materials at a profit. So the industry is shifting that cost over to haulers like us, and thereby participants like you. 

For our commercial customers 

This price change only applies to mixed and/or single-stream recycling, as First Star did not raise prices to drop off separated fibers, like cardboard & paper. So if you haven’t switched from single to dual-stream, now is the time. We’ll pass those savings onto you. You’ll also benefit from “right sizing” your containers & frequency of pickup, which we explain in the video and are able to assist with.

For our residential customers 

For anyone who is currently recycling, we will now be charging a total of $12.50/month for the service going forward. The fee for recycling will be a separate line item on your next invoice, so you’ll see exactly how the charges break down. 

And as of August 5th, the pickup schedule is moving from weekly to every-other week. We're sorting through the logistics on this change, and will let you know your specific pickup day before the end of the month, and if needed, options for additional totes.

To everyone, Keep in mind that this is an industry-wide change, so all the other haulers are, or have, increased pricing as well.

We understand if you need to shop around to compare, or if you need to consider canceling your recycling all together for budgetary reasons. But just know that when you work with us, apart from supporting a small, locally owned & operated business — we take pride in handling your recycling material with the best practices available, thereby insuring your materials have the best chance of getting recycled.  

From the team at … 

Gretna Sanitation, Hillside Solutions, and Soil Dynamics