The business community asked for it, so we figured out a way to start picking up glass for recycling! 

Who's this service for?

Commercial facilities, such as offices, restaurants, schools, and churches. Unfortunately we don't service single-family residential at this time. 

Whatcha doing with the glass?

We’ll grind the glass down and mix it with concrete (instead of sand) for use in concrete mixtures that are used in the underlayment layer. 

How's it work?

We provide you a 64-gallon tote that's lidded, leak proof, and on wheels. Totally up to the facility in how they collect the glass in-house, but when placed in our totes, we need the glass emptied of contents and placed directly into the tote without any plastic bags. Only glass bottles & jars are accepted (aka no light bulbs or mirrors). Please remove any lids or corks. Labels and shards are okay.

With the tote placed outside or upon an agreed-upon location, we'll pick up and empty the contents.